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High-quality materials for maximum safety and hygiene

On 11. April 1996, a major fire at Düsseldorf airport cost 17 lives, left 88 people injured and caused up to one billion euros of damage. Investigators soon found that the building material used when building the airport 30 years before had not been fireproof, presumably to save money, which allowed the fire to spread rapidly. This incident shows just how important it is to always use high-quality materials.

Sustainable and high-quality materials have always played a significant role in our production processes. Halogenated plastics produce a lot of smoke and release toxic gases when burning, which can both be avoided by simply using non-halogenated plastics like we do when manufacturing our cable markers.

Cable markers are used in special machines, solar panels, photovoltaic plants, or medical equipment. They are also an essential part of production in diaries, where only cable markers made of stainless steel are allowed due to hygiene requirements. We offer two series of cable markers: The series 1980 markers are put on a perforated strap made of polypropylene, or a strap made of stainless steel. The series 0081 markers are attached to one another until they form a strap themselves and then fixed at their point of use by cable ties. Check out our products here.

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