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Regoplast single-substance and multi-substance hazardous goods boards

All Regoplast single-substance and multi-substance hazardous panels meet as the only boards on the market, the requirements of ADR 2010 (quote from the current ADR Part 5, Chapter 3, Section 2, subsection 2, paragraph 1 (

“The orange panels must be retroreflective and have a base line of 40 cm, a height of 30 cm and a black border of 15 mm width. The material used must be weather-resistant and ensure permanent labeling. The board should not come loose from the attachment during a 15-minute fire. It must remain attached regardless of the orientation of the vehicle. The orange panels may be divided in the middle by a horizontal black line with a line width of 15 mm.”

Regoplast Single-substance board

(for tank vehicles and tank wagons)

tx_gefahrgutwarntafel_33_1202_fond_blauFor all companies that only transport single-substances, our stainless steel board with laser-cut numbers is ideal:

(retro-reflective front)

The advantages at a glance:

  • highly reflective film according to ADR
  • VA steel 1.4301
  • Numbers and film always retrofittable
  • all number combinations possible
  • lasered numbers
  • stable and fireproof (VA) version
  • used plastic numbers
  • the only board which detects dangerous goods that are still being transported after a burning time of more than 15 minutes

Hazardous goods warning sign

Another innovation of our company is the dangerous goods warning sign for tank wagons and tank vehicles, made of stainless steel 1.4301. This warning board has survived the 15-minute fire test of BAM. Suitable for this is the Hazardous Goods substructure, also made of VA 1.4301. Tested and verified (bears the BAM test certificate No. 1.5 / 32941).

tx_gefahrgutwarntafel_30_1203_bestuecken High-quality rot-proof design of the number plate. The numeric insert is made of Ultramid. Available as a multi-substance board or as a single-substance board.

Substructure of the Regoplast Hazardous Goods Board/caption]

[caption id="attachment_504" align="alignleft" width="300"]tx_mini_Gefahrguttafel_Unterbau_geoeffnet open substructure of the Regoplast Hazardous Goods Board

Regoplast Hazardous goods substructure made of VA 1.4301; meets the requirements of the ADR (15-minute fire test); is weatherproof; is durable; is lockable (order our same locking ABUS locks with (2 pieces per frame))

tx_mini_Regoplast-Koffer_mit_Gefahrguttraegern Plastic assortment case with a convenient selection of digits and letters (especially for companies with multiple vehicles or wagons).

tx_mini_regoplast_gefahrstoff-traegerelemente_komplettEasy placement of the lockable warning sign.

8 carrier elements, equipped with numbers according to your specifications, are assembled by us and inserted into the substructure. Alternatively, we offer you the opportunity to use a fixed sequence of digits in one piece. Your advantage: lower costs for the selected use, faster exchange or faster removal of digits. The orange foil used is retroreflective.


Single-substance warning sign for Regoplast hazardous goods substructure

tx_mini_regoplast_einstofftafel_mit_unterbau_1Regoplast single-substance panel as insertion plate for the Regoplast Hazardous Goods substructure. Stainless steel plate with lasered numbers and reflective foil. Especially for transports that carry only one hazardous substance.

Dual substance warning board


Dual-substance warning sign for petrol and fuel oil. By simply turning the invertible number, quickly and easily assign to each load.

Special sale multi-carrier elements

Current Version, Status: March 2012