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Hazardous goods label and label holder

Through new developments in the field of hazardous goods labeling, we offer you cost-saving solutions for labeling tank wagons, containers and tank containers, swap bodies, general cargo, wagons, cubic containers and army vehicles.

Regoplast sign holder for hazardous goods signs made of hard PVC

Regoplast Schildhalter für Gefahrenschilder aus Hart PVC

(for tank vehicles and tank cars)

Another innovation from Regoplast:

In order to meet the requirements of the ADR 2017, we again improved the proven sign holder for hazard signs made of hard PVC and thus offer even more security against the dropping out of labels in case of shocks or accidents.

Excerpt from ADR

„If the placards are mounted on panels, these shall be strongly-built and secured to prevent any detachment from the mount during carriage (in particular due to impacts and unintentional actions).”

Regoplast Labelhalter mit Ausfallsicherung Regoplast label holder with failover support
Regoplast Labelhalter silber Regoplast label holder in sizes 250 x 250 mm + 290 x 290 mm, natural VA
Regoplast Labelhalter mit Ausfallsicherung und Label Klasse 3  Inset regoplast label holder with failover support and label class
Regoplast Labelhalter mit Ausfallsicherung und Label Klasse 3 Regoplast label holder with failover support and label class 3

The advantages at a glance


  • additional support by means of an advanced holding bar
  • VA steel 1.4301, polyester resin coated
  • Sheet steel, sendzimirt, polyester resin coated
  • Recess on the back
  • Natural aluminum for easier replacement of the labels
  • sufficient holes for individual attachment to vehicle or container

Regoplast hazardous goods label

Regoplast© Hazardous Goods Label is available in different sizes and designs.

Suitable for our hazardous label holders we have low pressure signs in the following sizes:

290 x 290 mm

150 x 150 mm

100 x 100 mm

For our grid holders (eg on vehicles with container semi-trailers or swap bodies) we carry PE labels in the size 290 x 290 mm.

Label holders and labels in the format 100 x 100 mm are ideal for IBC boxes.

Of course, in addition to the chemical-resistant “vacuum” version, we also offer self-adhesive labels as well as the aforementioned PE version or laminated digital print on carrier plate.