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Army Equipment / Hazardous Goods Labels for Army vehicles

For the Army in particular, Regoplast GmbH offers a range of dangerous goods markings.

Prüfplaketten für die Bundeswehr Regoplast test badges for the army. The test badges are available in booklets with 10 sheets of 10 labels or as sheetstock. Rolled goods on customer request.
Order no. 511700 (yellow)

Order no. 511701 (green)

Order no. 511702 (red)

Order no. 511703 (blue)

Transporttasche aus strapazierfähigem Segeltuch Transport bag and signs (vacuum technology) are made in an extra robust design. It can withstand much harder use without problems. Scratch-resistant, easy handling, break-proof and adapted to the requirements of the army in motif, size and use. Transport bag, durable canvas
Order no. 650560
Gefahrenschild Klasse 1 explosiv mit Ösen Danger Sign
class 1 explosive,
with eyelet,
250 x 250 mm533040/BW
Order no. 650100
Gefahrenschild Klasse 1.4 explosiv, mit Ösen Danger Sign
Class 1.4 explosive,
with eyelet,
250 x 250 mm533041/BW
Order no. 650200
Gefahrenschild Klasse 6 giftig, mit Ösen Danger Sign
Class 6 toxic,
with eyelet,
250 x 250 mm521808/BW
Bestell-Nr. 650300
Gefahrenschild Klasse 8 ätzend, mit Ösen Danger Sign
Class 8 corrosive,
with eyelet,
250 x 250 mm521805/BW
Order no. 650400
Gefahrenschild Umweltgefährdende Stoffe, mit oder ohne Ösen Danger Sign Environmentally hazardous substances,
Environmentally hazardous substances (dead fish, dead tree), with or without eyelet, 250 x 250 mm
Order no. 650450
Spannseil, Länge 150 mm Tensioning rope, length 150 mm,
color black521401/BW
Order no. 650510
Spannseil, Länge 300 mm STensioning rope, length 300 mm,
color black521402/BW
Order no. 650520
Kennzeichnungs-Set Labeling Set
consisting of: 1 carrying bag
Danger Sign:
Class 1 / 1.4 / 6 and 8
3 pieces each,
Tension cable:
150 mm 12 pcs.,
300 mm 8 pcs.
3 cleaning cloths,
1 bottle for detergent
1 Edding 3000
Order no. 650000(cleaning cloths, cleaning agents and Edding can also be ordered separately)

All listed items can also be ordered separately. We will gladly inform you about prices and delivery conditions on request.